We have been listening to our regular divers and customers regarding what they want and what they think is missing from diving within Cyprus. One of the most regular responses- a dive club!

Our aim for the dive club: to keep an active local dive community and give members the opportunity to enjoy and enhance their passion for scuba diving. Create the chance to visit some of the most beautiful dive sites Cyprus has to offer and meet new people with the same passion.

The benefits of joining the dive club: digital membership card, Kalypso Dive Club t-shirt, organised event, preferential rates for PADI training and equipment purchases, digital logbook product

Club activities: Half day escorted boat dives, Full day excursions, Annual Dive Travel (overseas!), Exclusive presentations covering a variety of topics such environment, equipment, First Aid and other diving and safety related topics and the chance to try out specialised equipment including Dive Propulsion Vehicles and full face masks!

How does the membership work?

To sign up to the Kalypso Dive Club please send a message or email to info@cydive.com to receive all the information you need regarding the club and the club rules. Membership will be for the duration of one year beginning on the date of registration. As a member of the club you will be able to join all club activities, receive your club member benefits and be able to invited friends or guest to join club events. 

Membership fees:

–  Individual member €75

–  Family membership €120

Dive Prices

-Members dive €30

-Members dive with full equipment €40

-Individual equipment rental- BCD, Regulator,Wetsuit €4

-Snorkeler/Non diver €15


We look forward to welcoming you all as new members to the Kalypso Dive Club!

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