The wreck of EDRO III

The EDRO III was a cargo ship built in 1966 in Norway, which ran aground off Pegeia on 8 December 2011 in heavy seas, during a voyage to Rhodes, from Limassol. At the time of the collision there were 9 crew member onboard, the crew were rescued and airlifted to the safety of Paphos by a local British Military helicopter.

The EDRO III is more than 80 metres in length, weighing about 2,300–2500 tons. Together with Germany’s CIMEXTA Vessel Salvage Company, the task of safe removal of all diesel, hydrocarbons and marine pollutants on board the vessel, and making the hull watertight was awarded to a Cypriot marine salvage company. This was completed in October 2013. Due to the danger involved, nobody is allowed on the ship.

Surrounding this wreck are a series of swim throughs and gullies as well as an abundance of mediterranean marine life. Maximum depths are still unknown expected at 18-25 meters, features of the wreckage such as a forklift, ladders and propellers are at 5m.

We will be adding EDRO III to the 2021 schedule, accessible by either boat or shore!

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