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St. George Island- Saturday 11th July!

On Saturday 11/07/20 we were joined by our Kalypso Dive Club members and their family and friends for a trip to St. George Island.

The dive began at St. George Harbour with Cydive II fully loaded and divers ready for action.

A particularly warm and sunny day meant it was a relief to jump into the chilled Mediterranean sea with the underwater world looking extremely inviting! One of the most exciting feature of this dive for our more experienced divers is the large swim through, twisting and turning through the rock with beautiful patches of pinks and purples from the calciferous algae. The 12 meter ridge offers a haven for small and juvenile fish with schools of damsel fish, sea bream and wrasse.

The sheltered bay beside Manijin Island offered the chance for snorkeling, swimming, and nibbles before heading back to St. George Harbour.

We would like to thank everyone that joined us and we look forward in anticipation to the next club trip!

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