Cyprus is safe for British holidaymakers

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The Telegraph ran an article on their website in the Travel Section, announcing the advice of the British Foreign Office. It currently advises against travel to all or part of more than 60 nations around the world.

Following the Russian air crash last week large parts of Egypt are deemed unsafe, including the entire Sinai peninsula.

So now your holiday plans have changed? You need a new destination for your winter sun this year and are not sure of where to go…..Paphos, Cyprus should be your first choice.

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Cyprus is safe as a holiday Destination for the British.

Paphos, Cyprus

Here is Paphos, Cyprus we are a 12 month holiday destination. Paphos is a working town and as such there are cafes, restaurants, bars, shops etc open, but not as busy as in the summer months which is great for the customers….no queues.

Paphos (officially Páfos) is in fact the most popular retreat for Brits, whose expat numbers in the district have soared into five figures. The town, divided into inland, escarpment-top Ktíma and waterside Káto Páfos where most resort facilities are, is more relaxed than either of its easterly neighbours.


Kato Pafos, the tourist centre, is blatantly geared towards English tourists, with the inevitable all-day English breakfasts and bars. It could be worse: construction along the palm-fringed seafront is low-rise and, as well as being home to a vast archaeological site, Kato Pafos has backstreets hiding other historic gems like medieval baths, catacombs and a simple fishermen’s church. The official Pafos Archaeological Site is the grand-slam sight, however, being one of the South’s richest archaeological locales. When you’re standing (relatively) alone here, surrounded by acres of history, a vast blue sky and the wild fennel and caper plants that grow on the Mediterranean’s edges, you feel a thousand years away from Guinness on tap.

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