Diving in the Mediterranean Sea offers great visibility, warm temperatures, minimum underwater current and interesting and varied dive sites. Around Paphos we have dive sites with fantastic archeological features and amazing natural underwater topography suitable for the enjoyment of divers of all levels.

Scattered around the coast, there are various wrecks of different sizes. The vessels vary from completely intact, to having mysteriously exploded! Some of the wrecks we dive have sunk through natural events, whereas others have been placed to create an artificial reef and for the entertainment of our divers.

If you’re visiting Cyprus to dive, then there is only one dive should be at the very top of your list… We mean of course the wreck of the MS Zenobia off the shores of Larnaca. Zen, as she is affectionately known by local divers, has been rated one of the top wreck dives in the world! An ideal site for all experienced divers whether it is your first wreck dive or you want a series of technical penetration dives. The marine life in and around the wreck is also unique in Cyprus, nowhere else will you get the chance to see grouper, barracuda, tuna, turtle and trigger fish… the list is endless and all at the same dive site. Two dives on the Zenobia wreck is a good start, but it’s simply not enough!

  • White River

    Just into the Akamas Peninsula is a small cove which gives access to this very interesting maze of gullies , overhangs and lots of swim throughs. Look out for grouper, lion fish and octopus in and around overhangs. One of the swim throughs stretches out over 25m a truly spectacular experience. Max depth 16m.

  • Airport Reef

    Only 30 minutes by boat from Paphos Harbour.  A nice reef, stretching 200m along side the Airport Bay. Depth ranges between 5-15m.  Many crevasses, from a 4m drop with interesting marine life.

  • Lofos diving cy


    Lofos is a beautiful scenic dive with interesting rock formations and good marine life.  With diving depths ranging from 8m – 17m and an interesting small cave to explor.  Lofos is suitable for both the novice and experienced diver.

  • Valley diving cy

    The Valley

    Only 15 minutes from the Harbour, the top of the valley lies at 16m.  It’s sides offer plenty of encrusting marine life and many small holes which are home to wrasse, cardinals and slipper lobster.  There is also a swim-through towards the deeper end of the valley.  A popular site with macro photographers.  Maximum depth…

    Zenobia Wreck

    Zenobia Wreck Cyprus Rated one of the top ten wrecks dives in the world, the Zenobia is a real treat for the experienced diver. The Zenobia lies on her port side with 104 articulated lorries which can still be seen alongside the wreck.  MS Zenobia was a Swedish built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry launched in 1979 that capsized…

  • The shoals diving cyprus

    The Shoals

    An isolated area approximately 1 km from shore where the rocks just break the surface.  Consequently, an area of many shipwrecks in ancient times which is now littered with pieces of amphorae.  In some areas, these pieces are cemented together in the shape of a ship’s hold.  Stone anchors can be recognised by the holes…

  • Wreck White Star

    This sank on 18th Feb 2007 during transportation to Limassol. Formerly known as Ivana Ivanova, part of a Russian commercial fishing fleet in the black sea. During her last voyage temporary repairs allowing her to float to Limassol came undone.  Lying at 14m – 18m, 10 minutes out of Paphos Harbour.  New home to grouper…

  • Pascals-Reef

    Pascals Reef

    Made of big gullies, small drops and lots of crevasses, this dive offers interesting marine life.  There are lots of sponges and groupers are often spotted in this area. Depth 20m – 32m.

  • Montys Reef

    Only 10 minutes from the Harbour, this sheltered  dive site has a number of engaging features.  The reef is 12m deep and is surrounded by small gullies, overhangs and drops ranging 2m -4m.  There is usually a good variety of small fish life.

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