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2 tank – Amphitheatre and Fontana Amorosa

Akamas - Amphitheatre and Fontana Amorosa Situated on the North Coast of Paphos within the Akamas Peninsula. This is a fantastic 2 tank dive for those looking for a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Crystal clear waters and the amazing landscape of the green mountains that slip into the sea, make […]

Event Series 2 Tank- EDRO III and Orphurus

2 Tank- EDRO III and Cynthiana

EDRO III Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus

EDRO III This dive has something for every diver, whether you like wrecks, reefs or marine life. Regardless of where you enter the water, either from the shore or from the boat this dive starts next to the wreckage. Depths here are around 5m with parts of the wreck scattered on the seabed.  If you […]

Event Series Airport Reef

Airport Reef

Airport Reef Paphos, Paphos, Larnaca

Airport Reef This beautiful reef is part of Airport Bay from where it takes its name. Along the 200m stretch there are a series of amazing swim throughs, chimneys and gullies. These features are perfect hiding spots for all sorts of marine life. This is a great dive site for all divers. Depth ranging from […]

Event Series Amphorae Caves

Amphorae Caves

Amphorae Caves Paphos, Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus

Amphorae Caves Throughout this dive site hidden beneath Moulia Island there are a number of caves to explore; one of which has an amphorae encrusted roof. A team of American archaeologists investigated this site and believe that it is due to the movement of the sea bed over many years (2 thousand to be a […]

Event Series Shore Dive to Amphitheatre

Shore Dive to Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre Paphos, Paphos, Larnaca

Amphitheatre The fascinating feature of this dive is what appears to be an Amphitheatre at 9m.  This feature is actually a geological feature created by changing tides. Watch the waves crash above you offering a fantastic light show.  Following the show, swim along within the canyon and explore the various overhangs this site has to […]

Event Series Daytrip to Zenobia

Daytrip to Zenobia

Zenobia Larnaca, Cyprus

Zenobia Wreck The wreck of MS Zenobia is a world famous wreck, ranked as one of the 10 best wreck dives in the world. She lies between 16 and 42 metres of water, just 1400 meters from the shores of Larnaca. This 172 metre long Swedish Ro-Ro ferry sank on her maiden voyage in 1980 […]

Event Series Shore dive to Church Bay

Shore dive to Church Bay

Church Bay Paphos, Paphos, Larnaca

Church Bay With an easy entry from the shore to a large sandy bottom this is a fantastic and varied dive site, full of beautiful formations such as swim throughs, canyons, gullies, over hangs and a large cavern to explore on the far side of the bay! Plenty of marine life including Damsel fish, all […]