Lion fish project!

On Saturday 19th December at Jubilee Shoals, our divers were fortunate enough to be part of a lion fish project. Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center welcomed us to help in their efforts reduce and control the rapidly increasing number of lion fish within the waters around Cyprus.

Lion fish are the only species targeted in this project.  There have been reports of an increase in numbers in multiple regions of the Mediterranean Sea, especially after 2012.

RELIONMED, is the program in charge of the lionfish projects throughout cyprus.

There aim is to make Cyprus the ‘first line of defense’ against the invasion of lionfish in the Mediterranean. The RELIONMED project team has assembled lionfish removal action teams formed by more than 100 motivated diver volunteers.

We hope to increase people’s knowledge of lion fish, but also encourage restaurant to add them to the menu. If there is a demand for lion fish meat then the fishing of them will naturally help to control population growth.

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Please note: all activities took place under a surveillance system-guided expedition as part of a recognised program with the correct equipment.

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