Marine Life

Marine Life
Roman Wall

Cornet Fish

Fistularia tabacaria Cornet Fish Cornet fish also called flutemouth, are extremely long and slim  MAX LENGTH 3-25cm FEEDING Carnivore…
Damsel Fish

Damsel Fish

Chromis chromis Damsel Fish Adult damsel fish are brown, almost black, with highly marked scales, slightly golden in the…
Red Mullet

Red Mullet

Mullus surmuletus Red Mullet The striped red mullet, is a member of the goatfish family, members of which are…


Epinephelus marginatus Dusky Grouper The dusky grouper is a fish with a very robust body, a large head and…


Sarpa salpa Salema Salema is silver-coloured with 10 or 12 golden longitudinal bands and a yellow eye. It has…
Painted Comber

Painted Comber

Serranus scriba Painted Comber The painted comber is a fish with an intricate, characteristic blue and red drawing on…
peacock wrasse male

Peacock Wrasse

Symphodus tinca Peacock Wrasse The Mediterranean peacock wrasse, is a colorful and charismatic fish species found in the coastal…
Sea bream

Sea Bream

Sparus aurata Sea Bream Mediterranean sea bream has a distinctive silver-colored body with a streamlined shape. There are a…
Marine life rainbow wrasse

Rainbow Wrasse

Coris julis Rainbow Wrasse The Mediterranean rainbow wrasse, also known as Coris julis, is a colorful and vibrant fish…
Marine life ornate wrasse

Ornate Wrasse

Thalassoma pavo Ornate Wrasse Loggerhead turtles are renowned for their distinctive large heads and powerful jaws, which earned them…
Loggerhead turtle Roman Wall

Loggerhead turtle

Caretta caretta Loggerhead Turtle Loggerhead turtles are renowned for their distinctive large heads and powerful jaws, which earned them…
Cyprus Turtle Paphos

Green turtle

Chelonia mydas Green Turtle The green turtle is the only herbivore among the different species. Green turtles are in…
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