Meet our Team

Photos Socratous

Managing Director
I’m Photos and I am the owner of Cydive. I have owned Cydive for 24 years, and designed and built the Cydive facilities that we use today! You will often find me around the dive centre or as the Captain of Cydive II. I learnt to dive from a young age and still dive regularly for fun. My favourite dive site is Devil’s Head. The topography is very interesting with a huge bowl and a large swim through. There are also lots of fish around the island.

Mick Bygate

Master Instructor
I’m Mick, and I have been working at Cydive for 22 years! I learnt to dive and became an instructor when I was in the military which meant I was able to dive around the world. I have been teaching PADI and BSAC course for over 23 years. My favorite dive site is Big Steps, this is a great deep dive! I like this dive site because you can do lots of different routes all in the same site. The topography is also great, making it a very scenic and relaxing dive site!

Sophie Pearson

IDC Staff Instructor
Hi, my name is Sophie, I am an IDC Staff Instructor and have been diving for 12 years. I am working towards my Master Instructor rating and hope to continue sharing my passion for the ocean with others. I love teaching kids to dive as they are so curious about the underwater world and everything they see amazes them! I recently took up underwater photography and am really enjoying learning about corals and marine life whether they’re big or small. My favourite dive site is Geronisos Island, this dive site has depths of 12,18 and 35m so there’s something for every level of diver. A huge swim cave offers great encrusted marine life and photo opportunities!

Pascal Socratous

IDC Staff Instructor
Hi, I’m Pascal and I am a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. I am bilingual, speaking both English and Greek fluently which gives me the opportunity to share my passion with both locals and English speaking divers. I have been diving for nearly 12 years and still have the same passion as when I started. Diving gives me the escape from the every day life and takes me to a place of beauty and calmness. My favorite dive site is Manijin Island as it offers swim throughs and beautiful topography, not forgetting the variety of marine life. I love diving for fun both day and night as i get to experience all types of marine life. Teaching people how to dive and passing on my passion through that first breath underwater is why I love to do it everyday.

Pavlos Zerpeteas

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
My name is Pavlos and I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. I am born and raised in Cyprus, so Greek is my first language. Throughout my time at Cydive I have also been learning English. Diving is my escape from day to day life, it gives me the chance to explore, travel and meet new people everyday. Every dive is a new adventure! My favorite dive site is the MS Zenobia, a world famous wreck! I love wreck dives and Zenobia ticks all the boxes! The marine life here is unique and you often don’t find it at other sites. My plan is to continue my adventure and show everyone I dive with, the love I have for adventure and the ocean.

Krisztian Kato

Open Water Scuba Instructor
Hi, I’m Kris and I am a PADI OWSI from Hungary and this is my 4 years at Cydive after a short break. Previously I was working at Cydive as a Divemaster, guiding dives and assisting course. This season I am working towards my Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification and I’m exciting to start teaching courses. I first started diving in the UK on wrecks in the English Channel before heading to warmer waters. This year I hope to introduce more Hungarians to diving as well as furthering my experience teaching in English. I have many favourite dive sites around Cyprus but the Laboe has always been one that I love to dive. Laboe is a great deep dive that offers marine life big and small as well as easy access to the engine room!

Anna Przepiorka

Hello, my name is Anna and I am from Russia. I have been living in Cyprus since 2017. I am a very positive person and love the sea and beach a lot. I’m proud to be part of a company team that is like an extended family in many ways. I enjoy what i do and am surrounded by a fantastic team of understanding and amazing people.

Amrit Bajagain

Dive Crew
Hi, my name is Amrit and I am from Nepal. I have been working with the Cydive team for two years. I like my job and the friend I have made, we respect each other. My job at Cydive is to make tea, coffee and offer fruits to all divers. I also help to get all of the equipment ready for DSD and push trolley to the beautiful sea. After the dive I help to clean all equipment and check for problems or damage. Personally I am a kind and soft heart person. I like make new friends and to talk to all of our customers. My job at Cydive is helping all our team members.


Customer Support Intern
Hello, my name is Buddy! I found my home at Cydive in January 2022 and will be working as the customer support intern. I’m still a little bit shy but I’m working very hard on my confidence and people skills. I enjoy sitting with the divers when there listening to the dive briefings, soaking up the sun whilst their diving and then sneaking into their dive bags for a nap once they return.

George Vrouvides

Freelance Instructor
I’m George, and I have been actively teaching since 2004. During my time as a Master Instructor I have certified nearly 1000 people! I can teach in 3 different languages, English, Greek and French. Additionally to being a diving instructor, I also teach pool lifeguarding and first aid within hotels. My favourite dive site is St George Island/Kakoskali. Kakoskali has different depth levels from 5, 12 to 30+m. There is also lots of areas to explore and marine life to see. Every time you dive here you have a different experience!

Karen Karslian

Freelance Instructor
Hi! My name is Karen and I’m from Moscow, Russia. I haver been a diving instructor since 2013. I love diving, as it is a fantastic possibility to be creative and passionate! All the people who touch this world never forget this experience! In diving you can find any kind of activity, starting from relaxation, enjoying the underwater world, escaping from everyday routine. At the end of the day you find yourself communicating with beautiful people, caring about the life, the world, and each other! And it’s both – professionals and simple divers. Even the very beginners immediately become the members of the family! And Planet Ocean is our home! I can teach in Russian, English and German. Cydive is a fantastic team of great professionals and wonderful people! I’m proud to be part of the team. My favorite dive site is the one we are diving at the moment. The beauty is in our eyes! Manijin is cool! Gives you many opportunities to see different things. See you underwater!

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2022 Captain
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