Do you dream of working in Paradise? Make your PADI IDC with us here at Cydive and join the team here in Paphos to make your dreams come true.

CYDIVE, established in 1978, became the first PADI 5 Star IDC Centre in Cyprus on March 1986. In short time it became the leading PADI Instructor Development Centre in Cyprus and 28 years later is still at the top of the PADI Dive Professional Training.

That’s because at Cydive we believe that the PADI IDC is the most important course in the Dive industry. The one course that can make or brake the Dive industry. A good PADI Instructor will be able to empathise, transfer information, clarify doubts, and motivate students all the while having the students have fun and looking for more.

Students which find such instructors will be motivated to continue their education and will be active divers even in time of economical crisis, because diving becomes a way of life, a necessity more than a luxury.

At Cydive we believe that the PADI IDC cannot be taught as any normal PADI course, relaying only on the use of PADI Training materials, that’s why during your training with us you will be taught how to keep your student attention high, and how to be most effective in transferring your knowledge and skills.

We will dedicate as much time and attention on developing your ability to prepare presentations as we do to develop your ability to be constantly aware of the environment in which you teach, so that you can immediately pick up those signs that make you aware of student’s loss of interest or difficulty.

Cydive recognises the need fo quality trained diving professionals and therefore is committed in providing only the best to the Instructor Development and Leadership Programs.

Multilingual Course Directors, knowledgeable Staff-Instructors and state of the art facilities:

Fully stocked shop with equipment from the major brands; an on site swimming pool with all related facilities; an IDC dedicated Classroom with all the latest teaching aids such as computers, projectors internet and all available PADI materials. All this to ensure the most conducive learning environment and a great support during the course and the following Examination.

Furthermore, to make your IDC experience more unique, we would like to invite you for a free one week dive centre orientation. During that time you will be introduced into the day to day running of a busy diving centre.

Working together in preparation for your IDC, you will be able to participate in our sales and promotion programs in the hotels to learn how to successfully promote diving to your customers. You also have the opportunity to participate in a compressor operating course resulting in being certified as a compressor operator.
Being an important part of our Career Development process we are offering these programs with our compliments.

I hope the information provided is sufficient to help you in making the right decision as to why you should join us in becoming a PADI Instructor. Take the advantage of the head start you will have to succeed in the exciting and adventurous world of scuba diving.

IDC Special Pro Package

a 20 day program which will give you all the skills needed to be a great instructor!

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