PADI IDC prices Euro
PADI IDC only  1150
PADI Assistant instructor course (AI)    600
PADI Open water instructor course (OWSI)    750
PADI MSDT instructor course (5 specialty instructor courses)    520
PADI IDC Staff Instructor course    650
PADI IDC staffing experience (for existing IDC staff instructors)    425
DAN instructor programs (including teaching materials) Each    425
EFR first aid instructor course (does NOT include EFR instructor manual) + EFR CFC   360
PADI IDC Basic Pack Includes: IDC Prep, PADI IDC, EFR Instructor  1250
CyDive Special Pro Package

includes: IDC Prep, PADI IDC, EFR Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

CyDive Exclusive Pro Package

includes: IDC Prep, IDC, EFR Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Sales Seminars, Compressor orientation, Gas blender

PADI IDC speciality instructor courses


Boat speciality instructor  135
Drift diver speciality instructor  135
Dry suit diver speciality instructor  165
Diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) speciality instructor  165
Enriched air diver (EANx) speciality instructor (Only)  135
Equipment speciality instructor  135
Gas blender instructor  250
Multi-level diver speciality instructor  135
Night diver speciality instructor  135
Peak performance buoyancy speciality instructor  135
Underwater navigator speciality instructor  135
Underwater naturalist speciality instructor  135
Underwater photography speciality instructor  165
Underwater videography speciality instructor  165
Deep diver speciality instructor  175
Search and recovery speciality instructor  175
Wreck diver speciality instructor  175
Semi closed rebreather dolphin  250
Semi closed rebreather ray  250

Material prices


Prod N. Description Price
Fees 2018
Dive Master €115,20
Assistant Instructor €84.00
IDC Application €194.40
Instructor Examination €585.00
IE Module €295.00
Spec instr. Method 1 (CD) €45.00
Spec instr method 2 (Direct) €93.00
MSDT €84.00
IDC Staff €109.80
Master Instructor €112.20
EFR Instructor €121,20
master Course materials
60200 Crewpak Divemaster €275.00
Course Training Materials
60134 Crewpak IDC Candidate €720.00
70250 Manual – Specialty Course Instructor
70909 MUL CD-ROM – Specialty Instructor
Manual (E/DU/F/G/I/S/J)
60194 Cue Cards – Confined Water, Aquatic
60202 Cue Cards – Open Water, Aquatic
60228 Slate – Skill Evaluation
60571 Open Water Lesson Preparation
60573 Confined Water Lesson Preparation
Staff Course Materials
60295 Crewpak – IDC Staff Instructor,
Digital Version
60574 Open Water Teaching Evaluation
60575 Confined Water Teaching Evaluation
70501 Course Director Manual
70860 CD-ROM – Course Director Manual
70825 CD-ROM – IDC Lesson Guides
CFC Instructor Course materials
60215 Start-Up Pack – EFR Instructor €251.50
Course Materials
Specialty Manuals €27.00
Specialty Student Video €30.00
61120 Crewpak – Enriched Air Diver, with DVD
(Table Use)

Crew Packs Content

EFRI CrewPack Includes:
EFRCPR/AED Instructor Guide (without binder), EFR CFCInstructor Guide ( without binder), EFR Primary & SecondaryCare Participant Manual, CPR/AED Manual , EFR Care for Children Manual, EFR Instructor Binder, EFR Primary & Secondary Care Participant DVD, CPR/AED DVD , EFR Care for Children DVD, Home Study, Reference Card: EFR Emergency Care at a Glance, EFR Participant Exam, CPR/AED Exam, EFR Care for Children Participant Exam, Training Bandage Pack EFR, Decal EFR, Bag EFR

DM Crew Pack Includes: Divemaster manual , Instructor Manual, Divemaster Slates(4),Decal – Green Hologram (DM), Divemaster DVD Diver Edition, Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving, Workbook – Scuba Tune-Up, ProfessionalTraining Log, Cue Card – Discover Scuba Diving Instructor, Sheet – DM Decal
Information, Brochure – Go Pro, Decal – PADI Transparent, Bag – PADI Pro

IDC Candidate Crewpack Includes: Cue Cards – Confined Water, Aquatic (6 Slates), Cue Cards -Adventures in Diving, Instructor (8 Slates), Cue Cards – Open Water, Aquatic (5
Slates), Cue Cards – Rescue Diver, Instructor (11 Slates), Cue Cards – Instructor for Divemaster Course (4 Slates), Slate – Open Water Lesson Preparation, Slate -Confined Water Lesson Preparation, Exam – Rescue Diver Final, Quizzes &
Exams – O/W Metric/Imperial, CD-ROM – Specialty Instructor Manual, Exam -Divemaster Final Metric/Imperial, Manual – Guide to Teaching (including decal),CD-ROM – Guide to Teaching, Workbook – Diving Knowledge, CD-ROM – O/W
Prescriptive Lesson Guides, Specialty Outline – Peak Performance Buoyancy,DVD – The Business of Diving: Positive Approach Selling (ENGLISH), Backpack”

EANX Crewpack Includes
: Enriched Air Manual Computer use, Book Enriched Air Diving Tables Metric (ENGLISH), DVD-Enriched Air Diving Computer use, RDP EAN 32% Oxygen, RDP EAN 36% Oxygen, Equiv. Air Depth/Oxygen, Bag .

IDC Staff Crewpack Include: 
Course Director Manual, Slate – Open Water Teaching Evaluation,Slate – Confined Water Teaching Evaluation, Slate – Skill Evaluation, Backpack –