Instructor Development Course Schedule

Are you ready to go pro with Cydive? Plan your dates with our PADI Instructor Development Course schedule and lets get started!


Course Duration
IE Location
April 07-24
April 07-22
April 22-24
June 09-26
June 09-24
June 25-26
Sept 01-18
Sept 01-16
Sept 16-18
Nov 10-27
Nov 10-25
Nov 26-27

Typical PADI IDC Schedule

Day Course element
Day 1 -2 2 Days IDC prep
Day 3-10 8 Days IDC program
Day 11-12 2 Days EFRI
Day 13-15 3 Day Instructor Specialties
Day 16-17 2 Days IE

Please note: Schedule subject to change due to weather conditions or candidate progress.
Specialty Instructor ratings may be integrated into Days 3-15.

This course runs over 17 consecutive days. During the IDC you will fine tune all the skills which you have learnt during your time as a diver and develop new skills. Throughout the course you will have a Course Director and Staff Instructors to help guide you and offer assistance.

The theory for the IDC is now done using the eLearning product. Out team will offer support whilst you are completing the theory and can arrange virtual meetings to cover key topics which might be proving more difficult. Completing the eLearning also allows more time during the IDC Prep time to go over any concerns you may have.

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