• Amphitheatre cyprus diving

    Amphitheatre, Coral Bay

    A site to the north of Coral Bay with reasonably good access. The fascinating feature of this dive is what appears to be an Amphitheatre at 9m which is actually a geological feature . Watch the waves crash above you offering a fantastic light show. Swim along a 8m wall and explore the various overhangs…

    Achileas Wreck, Paphos

    On a sandy bed lies the wreck of the Achileas, a Greek vessel which mysteriously exploded and sank in 11m of water in 1975. There are three main sections to visit, the most popular feature being the bronze propeller on the upturned stern, and there are still some complete portholes (not removable).

    100 Foot Reef, Paphos

    An entrancing dive in depths between 26-35m. There are a number of small drops and caves to explore – search for octopus and morays in the smaller holes and small fish in the gullies and overhangs. The water here is so clear that, if you look up to the surface, the dive boat should be…

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