Big Steps is East of Paphos Harbour heading towards the airport where the reef runs directly parallel to the shore.

Beginning at 16m and stepping down gently down to 28m, this dive is a great multilevel dive.

A fascinating site which begins in a meadow of Neptune and Poseidon grass, here you will find many Painted Comber. Painted Comber can be identified by their zebra printed body and bright yellow tails. These fish can grow upto 35 cm long and are one of a few fish that eat small scorpion fish! Towards the deepest section of this dive there is a large sandy patch which leads nicely into a small valley. Inside this valley there is a series of swim throughs one of which is covered in pink Peyssinelia. As you exit the valley there is a large archway at around 16m.

Big Steps was also part of a recent clean up project, due to its location lost fishing nets can get caught around the rocks. We try to clean this site on a regular basis (2-3 times a year) to make sure that it is net free and marine life doesn’t become entangled.

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