Common Octopus

Common Octopus
Octopus Vulgaris

Common Octopus

The common octopus, a remarkable cephalopod of the ocean, boasts a wealth of intriguing features.

These intelligent creatures possess a highly adaptable camouflage system, enabling them to mimic various colors and patterns to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Interesting Facts

Octopuses are known for their astonishing problem-solving abilities, showcasing complex behaviors such as using tools and solving puzzles in captivity. They have three hearts – two pump blood to the gills, while the third circulates it throughout the body. Additionally, octopuses are masters of disguise, often squeezing through tiny openings and crevices due to their soft, boneless bodies. One of the most fascinating facts about them is their ability to regenerate lost limbs, a unique and remarkable trait in the animal kingdom. The common octopus is a true marvel of the sea, embodying the wonders of marine life.

Where can you find me?

The Mediterranean common octopus is typically found in the coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent Atlantic areas. They prefer rocky substrates, seafloors with abundant crevices, and seagrass beds at depths ranging from 1 to 100 meters. These intelligent cephalopods are skilled at camouflaging and hunting in diverse coastal habitats..

You can often spot octopus at Amphorae Caves, living in the cracks of the reef or at the Roman Wall during night dives!