This favoured afternoon dive is just a 20 minute drive from Cydive, located at Cynthiana hotel.

Cynthiana is a great dive site for training and beginner divers. This site also offers two entry and exit points to choose from. One of the entry points has a ladder inside a small bay for easy access into the water. The other is a shallow pool with a gap in the rocks leading out to the sea.

If you enter the dive site via the pool, there is a sheltered area with rock tall rock peaks. These peaks stem from the seabed at 7m and finish just shy of the surface, creating the perfect environment for hermit crabs, cardinal fish and octopus. Continue out of the bay towards a large sandy patch at 10m, just to the right there is a swim through hidden within the rocks. Due to the large amount of sandy patches at this dive site it isn’t uncommon to find common stingrays hiding in the sand.

From the ladder side of the bay there is a gentle sloping bottom which leads to the large sandy patch. On this side of the bay the cliff walls slope down into the sea and are beaming with juvenile marine life such as damselfish, wrasse and sea bream.

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