Damsel Fish

Damsel Fish
Chromis chromis

Damsel Fish

Adult damsel fish are brown, almost black, with highly marked scales, slightly golden in the central part. The young are an iridescent blue and lose this colour as they grow. This is a gregarious species, that is, it lives in groups. They usually live in shallow waters, between 2 and 30 m, close to rocky walls or on meadows of Neptune grass. It feeds on plankton and small benthonic organisms.

Interesting Facts

In the summer, the male becomes territorial and prepares a nest where the female lays her eggs, which are bound by adhesive filaments. These eggs are watched over by the male, which constantly renews the water by moving its pectoral fins. It seems that the male attracts the female by jumping and waving its tail.  Fertilisation takes place after laying and three days later the females leave the place, but the males remain to watch over it. 

Where can you find me?

Mediterranean damselfish thrive in warm, coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They prefer rocky reefs and shallow, well-vegetated areas with crevices for shelter. These vibrant fish are often found in close-knit communities, seeking refuge among corals and seagrass beds, creating a colorful underwater haven.

You can often sport damsel fish at Amphorae Caves, living on the top of the reef!