Damsel Reef is located behind the MV Demetrios II. This deep dive begins by dropping over a ridge to a sandy seabed at 30-35m. Following the ridge leads to a small which wall covered in Calciferous algae and orange-red sponges. This wall also has a overhangs for 10m, under these overhangs you will find cardinal fish and Moluccan Sweepers. Your no stop time will begin to decrease due to the depth of the dive. So you will begin to shallow up and head towards the shallows. In the shallows you will find large patches of Poseidon grass where you may be lucky enough to find a loggerhead turtle. Additionally there are interesting rock formation and sandy patches which are home to Slender and Rock Goby.

This is a great location to see Dusky and Mottled Grouper hiding within the rocks due to the depth of this dive.

Due to the location, you can extend this dive as long as you still have air. We start deep and swim into the shallows as far as you like or until we meet the wreck.

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