Devil’s Head is beneath a tiny island within the Akamas Peninsula. This dive site is one of the furthest from the harbour but is well worth the journey!

You will enter the water on the shore side of the island onto the reef at around 5m. From there you follow the reef wall towards a tear-shaped bowl. An amazing feature of this bowl is an eerie layer of silt that sits on top of clear water. Within the bowl there are overhangs around the edge which you can swim under. The top of the reef is at 7m whilst the bottom of the bowl is at 15m.

After leaving the bowl you will drop off the reef to find a hidden swim through. The swim through is completed hidden within the reef, with small entries/exits along the 30m tunnel. This swim through isn’t for the faint hearted, some sections are completely dark whilst others have natural light.

Following on from the swim through there is a series of canyons and gullies guiding you through the shallows, with small swim throughs and overhangs along the way.

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