EDRO III is new to our 2021 schedule and it has plenty to be excited about!

The EDRO III was a cargo ship built in 1966 in Norway. On 8 December 2011, it ran aground off Pegeia in heavy seas. This wreck is 95m long and 14.5m wide and sits on the reef at around 6m.

This dive has something for every diver, whether you like wrecks, reefs or marine life. Regardless of where you enter the water, either from the shore or from the boat this dive starts next to the wreckage. Depths here are around 5m with parts of the wreck scattered on the seabed.  If you like wrecks then you can swim around the EDRO III however on the port side the water is only 1-2m. The wreckage still has all the propellers attached but now has a large hole in the starboard side. Within the hole you can find small perfectly intact forklifts and cargo from the deck.

If reefs are more your thing you can follow the anchor chains out in two different directions. One of them leads towards a large cave and series of swim throughs whilst the other takes you towards a gully at 18m. The inside of the cave resembles a train carriage in shape and size, wide enough to fit multiple divers with lots of natural light.

Due to the shelter that the wreck provides, there is an abundance of marine life! Here you will find everything from Dusky Grouper to tiny Mediterranean sand smelt. Large groups of Salema take refuge behind the wreck whilst sea urchins make home on the anchor chains.

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