The MV Elpida, which means Hope, lays close to the Zenobia in Larnaca, this is Cyprus’s newest wreck.

Elpida is a large 63m commercial vessel from Greece and lies at a depth of 28m. Sunk in December 2019 as part of the artificial reefs project to create a haven for local marine life. This means that the windows have all be popped out so divers can easily enter and exit the wreck. As well as being cleaned to remove any oils or remaining fuel which may harm the environment or marine life.

The main deck lies at 20-22m and the top of the masts are at a depth of 10m. There are so many areas of this wreck for divers to explore including the bridge which still has a moveable steering wheel, saloon and accommodation areas.

As there is a far distance between the Elpida and the Zenobia it means that they have fairly different marine life. The Elpida is still home to the usual Sea bream, Wrasse and Grouper that you find at a lot of dive sites in the Mediterranean. However the Elpida also has Salema, John Dory and Blue-barred parrotfish making this dive an addition to your logbook!

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