Fontana Amorosa meaning ‘the fountain of love’ is speculated to be where Aphrodite and her lovers would spent time. This dive site is located just outside of the Blue Lagoon. This means it share the crystal clear blue waters. Beneath the surface Fontana Amorosa offers mazes within the rock reef with hidden amphorae dating back to the Roman Empire.

This dive begins on a large sandy patch at around 7m, here you can regularly find beautiful Japanese Puffer Fish. Once you leave the sandy patch the maze begins. The walls of the rock reefs form gullies leading the way to the deepest section of this dive. Within the rocks you may be lucky enough to find a Tricolor Doris nudibranch. These nudibranch are fairly rare and can grow to around 10 cm in length! The numerous holes and crevasses within the reef create the perfect environment for Dusky Grouper and Octopus. We have spotted both common Octopus and horned octopus here throughout the season.

Due to the location of this dive site there can be a small current along the top of the reef as it expands out of the bay, usually at around 3m.

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