Jubilee Shoals is a breathtaking site stretching west to east from Pissouri’s coastline.

Dive around the pinnacle which erupts from the seabed at 50m! Begin this dive by descending down the pinnacle starting at 18m towards the entrance of a large cave. The entrance of this cave is approximately 3m tall and 5m wide. The entrance to this swim through begins at 28 meters and is over 30 meters long, covered in calciferous algae! For this cave you will want to bring your torch as a twist in the cave means that the exit is hidden upon entry. Within this cave there is an abundance of corals, algaes and encrusted marine life. This is the perfect place for dotted nudibranch and slipper lobster to thrive. You will then exit this swim through at 38 meters, and begin to explore the outside of the pinnacle in a corkscrew formation.

Equally the maine life outside of the cave is just as diverse as the inside. You will often find green turtles, schools of amberjacks and lionfish all within a few meters of each other!

​There are many aspects to diving Jubilee Shoals with an array of stimulating features, an abundance of marine life and to explore.

For this dive you will need experience along with your Deep Specialty.

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