Lady Thetis Wreck

Just like the Costandis, Lady Thetis is part of the artificial reefs project in Cyprus. Both of the wrecks were cleaned of any oils or fuel still inside the engine and ship and then sunk in February 2014. 

Lady Thetis was originally a passenger vessel, so features such as the dining tables can still be seen on the top deck. At 30m long and 8m wide penetration on Lady Thesis is a must!

For this dive a minimum certification level of Advanced Open Water is required. 

If your last dive was more than 1 year ago then you will be required to complete a refresher before joining any of our scheduled dives.

Lady Thetis is paired with a second wreck location Costandis, together these form the Limassol wrecks half day trip. 

Exploring the wreck is a breeze and completely safe, with plenty of fascinating spots to discover. Among these are the engine room, store rooms, bridge, multiple decks at various heights, doorways and hatches, stairwells, the hull area, props, and the soaring mast. The site has become a thriving haven for marine life, showcasing the remarkable results that artificial and protected reefs can achieve in nurturing an array of vibrant and diverse underwater creatures

Lady Thetis

Its an early start for this day trip with a meeting time of 07:00. We will meet at our well-equipped diving centre in Paphos Harbour. Our friendly and helpful PADI professionals will help you with equipment and begin with an interesting and informative dive briefing. Unless you have your own diving gear, all equipment is supplied by us. We spend a few minutes checking your sizes and will fit you with the suitable gear. All of our diving equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly to ensure your safety and comfort.

Once everyone is ready we head to the dive trucks and begin the journey to Limassol. The journey from Cydive to the harbour in Limassol takes 1 hour by car (slightly longer in a minibus).

Complimentary fresh fruit, snacks and refreshments will be served on the boat during the surface interval and water will be given again before returning to the harbour. Back at the dive centre our PADI professionals will debrief you and help you to complete your logbooks.

Descend down onto the wreck and begin the dive at the deepest point on the bottom (19m). Circle the bottom on the wreckage to see the propellers and grouper which can be seen hidden under the wreck. 

Once everyone is comfortable head inside the wreck to see the saloon and cargo hold, it can be quite dark inside so be sure to bring a torch! 

Back on the outside of the wreck explore the external features such as the bridge, winch, and seating area of the wreck. 

As part of the artificial reef project this wreck was put on the reef to attract marine life and it has done an incredible job. 

At this dive site we regularly see large groupers, amberjacks, sea bream, moray eel and loin fish. There is something for everyone at this dive site including those which are into macro life, Costandis is home to some particularly large Tri-coloured Doris nudibranch which are usually found in the engine room. 

For more information about the marine life at this dive site, check out our marine life page!

Feel free to catch up on any missed sleep during the during back to the dive centre. Once you get back our PADI professionals will debrief you and help you to complete your logbooks.