These two wrecks are part of the Artificial Reef program in Cyprus. The program, planned to sink 5 Wrecks at depths between 18 and 25 mt. in front of the shores of Aya Napa/Protaras, Limassol and Paphos

The wrecks have been sunk in low current, sandy bottom areas, to create the best conditions for the marine life to find a feeding/breeding area, and become a permanent feature of the wreck.

Fish habitats and marine life around the wreck are expected to begin developing quite quickly.

Lady Tethis was a recreational cruise vessel it was built in Germany and it was registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships.

“Constandis: a 23m Russian bottom trawler, was sunk on the same day as the Lady Tethis in the same general area, at a depth of about 20mt.

The vessels haave been deployed in Dasoudi area, in Limassol at around 21-23 meters depth. on February 22nd 2014, after a long and intensive process of cleansing to meet the safety and environmental international standards

Each will give divers a challenge both in depth and difficulty of routes round the vessels. They have also been fully stripped to create clear and safe passage for the divers making them perfectly suitable for wreck penetration.