Situated just 15 minutes away from the harbour this dive site is great for novice and experienced divers.

Lofos meaning ‘hill’ in Greek, is a scenic dive site around a pinnacle rock reef. Depending on whereabouts on this ‘hill’ you are depth varies with a minimum of 12m and maximum 17m.

Here you will find interesting swim throughs and small caves to explore. Lofos also offers a series of overhangs where brightly coloured algaes and sponges like to grow creating secret hiding spots for marine life.

Lofos is a beautiful scenic dive with interesting rock formations and rock bottom, meaning this is great for newly certified divers to practice their buoyancy skills. We often find Moray eel hiding within the reef as well as tompot blenny fish. The depth of this reef means that Wrasse and Damsel fish often take refuge here. Wrasse come in a range of beautiful colours and are very curious fish. This means if you take two rocks and tap them together they will start to gathering around you and ‘dance’. You will also see them following divers which are touching the floor with their fins, they are looking for small fireworms to eat as the rocks moves.

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