Often partnered with Geronisos Island, Manijin Island is also in the Pegia region of Paphos.

A very popular dive, this island is actually small enough to dive around it on a multilevel dive profile. Perfect for snorkels as the island provides shelter but also for all levels of divers.

Begin this dive with a gentle swim following the island wall to the deepest part of the dive at a 18m sandy patch. The island wall hangs over the sandy patch creating amazing patterns and colours in the sand. Enter a swim through at 12m and exit at 8m on top of the reef. This swim through is filled with lights and shades of pink from Peyssonnelia algae.

At the end of this site there is a huge bowl feature! Originally this would have been an air bubble in the rock and eventually the roof collapsed creating the bowl. Enter the bowl through an archway and swim under the overhangs 360 degrees. To exit there is a blowhole, serge over the island reef crates a champagne cork effect shooting you out the top. The final swim through at this dive site is right back at the beginning. This one is much longer and thinner taking you inside the island reef.

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