Ornate Wrasse

Marine life ornate wrasse
Thalassoma pavo

Ornate Wrasse

Loggerhead turtles are renowned for their distinctive large heads and powerful jaws, which earned them the name “loggerhead.” They are among the largest of all turtle species, with adults reaching an impressive size of up to 1.5m in length and weighing around 100kg!

Interesting Facts

The ornate wrasse is an animal with different colourings depending on whether it is male or female (sexual dichromatism). The females are brown-green with a dark vertical line on each scale and five bluish vertical bands. The males have red heads with sky blue stains. Just behind the pectoral fin they have a vertical blue line with a red trim. It has a long, compressed body, and a sharp, oval head. Its beak is short with a short, terminal mouth and thick lips.

Where can you find me?

Ornate Wrasse are a very common fish in Cyprus and can be found at any dive site which has a healthy rock reef. You can spot them easily on the top of the reef at Amphorae Caves

If the diver in front of you touches the bottom with their fins yo will often see small schools of wrasse following along to see if there is anything new to eat!