Peacock Wrasse

peacock wrasse male
Symphodus tinca

Peacock Wrasse

The Mediterranean peacock wrasse, is a colorful and charismatic fish species found in the coastal waters of the Mediterranean Sea. These wrasses are typically found in rocky habitats, near seagrass beds or reefs, where they feed on small invertebrates and algae.

Interesting Facts

Peacock wrasse are known for there striking appearance, with vibrant colors ranging from blue and green to orange and red. The male peacock wrasse exhibits a unique courtship behavior, where it displays its vibrant colors and erects its dorsal fin to attract females during the breeding season.

Where can you find me?

Mediterranean peacock wrasse fish are typically found in the Mediterranean Sea and the adjacent Atlantic waters. They thrive in rocky coastal areas with abundant crevices, seagrass beds, and shallow depths ranging from 3 to 30 meters. These vibrant and elusive fish are known for their preference for sheltered, reef-rich environments.

Peacock wrasse can often be found at Amphorae Caves.