Pink Flabellina (Nudibranch)

Pink Flabellina Nudibranch
Flabellina Affinis

Pink Flabellina (Nudibranch)

The Pink Flabellina Nudibranch, or Flabellina affinis, is a captivating and colorful sea slug that inhabits oceans worldwide. 

These mesmerizing nudibranchs are a favorite among underwater photographers and divers, adding a burst of color and beauty to coral reefs and rocky seabeds while showcasing the remarkable adaptations of marine life.

Interesting Facts

This tiny marine creature is renowned for its stunning appearance, featuring a translucent pink to purple body adorned with delicate cerata, which are elongated, finger-like structures on its back. These cerata serve multiple functions, including respiration and defense. Pink Flabellina Nudibranchs primarily feed on hydroids, which contain stinging cells, and they are immune to the hydroid’s toxins, often repurposing them for their own defense.

Where can you find me?

Pink Flabellina, are commonly found in temperate and subtropical seas worldwide. They prefer rocky or coral-rich environments with abundant food sources like hydroids and anemones. Typically, they reside at depths ranging from 5 to 40 meters, adding a burst of color to underwater ecosystems.

You can often find these tiny nudibranch hiding on the wreck of Laboe!