Sea Bream

Sea bream
Sparus aurata

Sea Bream

 Mediterranean sea bream has a distinctive silver-colored body with a streamlined shape. There are a large variety of sea bream in the Mediterranean all with slight variations in their markings. The most common sea bream are, two-banded, sharpsnout and white seam bream.

Interesting Facts

All sea bream are born males and when they reach maturity at around 3years of age they begin transitioning into females. Once fully transformed female sea breams can lay between  20000 and 80000 eggs per day! Once the eggs are fertilised it takes only 7 days for them to hatch, within 40 days the juveniles can be identified as sea bream.

Where can you find us?

Mediterranean sea bream fish are commonly found in the Mediterranean Sea and along the eastern Atlantic coast. They prefer temperate, coastal waters with rocky bottoms and seagrass beds, typically at depths ranging from 10 to 100 meters. These versatile fish adapt to various habitats, from sandy seabeds to rocky reefs, making them widespread in the region.

Sea bream are found at most of the dive sites, in particular at Bream Bay.