St George Island - Kakoskali

St George Island - Kakoskali

Situated on the North Coast of Paphos within the Akamas Peninsula. 

St George’s Island is also known to locals as Kakoskali. Kakoskali roughly translates to ‘bad steps’, it was given this name due to the different depth levels.

For this dive a minimum certification level of Scuba Diver is required. 

If your last dive was more than 1 year ago then you will be required to complete a refresher before joining any of our scheduled dives.

This dive site is paired with Fontana Amorosa to make up our Blue Lagoon and Akamas National Park day trip!

St George Island has an amazing wall feature, reaching from the seabed almost to the surface! Swim down the sloping seabed gradually or straight off the drop-off from 12m to 35m. Once you are at the seabed, look up and you will see the wall towering above you. The wall is covered in beautifully coloured algaes and corals.

St George - Kakoskali

This location is included as part of our Akamas and Blue Lagoon day trip. 

This day trip begins at our dive centre in Paphos, where you will be allocated all of the equipment you need for the day whether that’s a mask and snorkel or full diving equipment. Once everyone is ready you will be driven to Latchi either on a coach or in the Cydive minibuses. The journey to Latchi take around 45 minutes to an hour and includes spectacular views of the mountain, hillsides and local villages.

Once you arrive in Latchi you will board our custom built Cydive boat, which offers plenty of space for all divers and snorkelers as well as areas of sun and shade.

The first stop of the day is a place called St. George Island or as its known to the locals Kakoskali. 

Once everyone is back on the boat we will head to our next location, Blue Lagoon.

The final stop of the day is Fontana Amorosa.

You will then head back to Latchi harbour, disembark the boat and begin the drive back to Paphos Harbour.

You will begin this dive on the West side of the island, this area is often sheltered from wind and waves. Once you enter the water the maximum depth is around 5m, which is great for photography or skills! Depending on your certification level there is a variety of different dive routes for you to take.

Swim down the sloping seabed gradually or straight off the drop-off from 12m to 35m. Once you are at the seabed, look up and you will see the wall towering above you. Follow along the wall ascending to shallower water where you will be met with amazing formations. 

The shallows are full of gullies and swim through for you to explore. 

Here you will be able to find dotted nudibranch, slipper lobster and possibly moray eels hiding in the wall.

There is one particular cave which is filled with Moluccan Sweeper. These are gold coloured fish, with huge black eyes, always found hiding in the dark.

During the warmer month you can often find a green turtle swimming amongst the sea grass. One particular green turtle only has 3 fins, he is known affectionately to locals as ‘Stumpy’. Due to the shelter the shallows provide you can often find huge schools of juvenile fish, which is great for those wanting to snorkel!

For more information about the marine life we see in Cyprus, head over to our marine life page! 

Complimentary fresh fruit and refreshments will be served on your return to the dive centre and our PADI professionals will debrief you and help you to complete your logbooks.