The shoals is only a 15 minutes coastal journey from Paphos Harbour. This dive site is located by the side of the Demetrios II wreck. Upon arriving at the dive site we enter the water and begin the descent into shallow water about 5 meters . Follow the dive and enter into a tunnel swim through which leads in a gully. On the ridge of the gully you’ll see lots of ancient amphorae which goes back centuries. 

Continuing with the dive, follow the slope which leads down to the deepest point at 12 meters. On this route you’ll pass through a field of Poseidon grass, keep your eyes open as you may spot a resident turtle. Past the slope there’s a large sandy patch where we often see the Japanese puffer fish, they are very curious so they’ll come say hello. As we start to ascend back to the shallows we approach the edge of the reef. As there is lots of sunlight on the top of the reef there is usually an abundance of sea urchins. 

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