The Valley is located just 10 minutes from Paphos Harbour, directly in front of the castle.

This dive begins where the rock reef splits in two! The top of the reef is between 12- 16m and slopes down gentle toward a large sandy patch at 26 meters. As you swim along each side of the valley you are sure to see plenty of encrusting marine life. You will also find crevasses which are home to Moray Eels, Octopus, Scorpion fish, Cardinal fish and many more!

Once you reach the large sandy patch, try running your hands through the sand and see the Japanese Puffer Fish start to crowd around you! These little fish are easily identified by their emerald green eyes with gold rings around them, there have white bellies with camouflaged backs, coloured just like the sand.

A popular site with macro photographers due to the beautiful algaes and sponges. At this site you will find amazing orange-red encrusted sponges, purple calciferous algae and pink Peyssonelia algae. If you’re lucky you will also find various species of Nudibranch such as Dotted Sea Slugs, Tricolour Doris and Pink Flabellina.

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