Vera-K Wreck

The Vera-K was a Lebanese freighter that ran aground in 1972, the wreck was then used for target practice by the Cypriot and British military. Over time the wreck started to crumble and as a result of this it was blown up due to being a hazard to passing vessels in 1974. It is still in four main sections and the bridge is fairly intact. It lies completely submerged in a crater at 11m.

For this dive a minimum certification level of Scuba Diver is required. 

If your last dive was more than 1 year ago then you will be required to complete a refresher before joining any of our scheduled dives.

The Vera-K is often paired with another dive site, Amphorae Caves for a great 2 tank dive!

The top of the crater which surrounds this wreck is only around 5-7m deep which makes it great for snorkelers and new divers. Drop into the crater by the bridge and take a look inside! Due to the explosion and length of time the wreck has been underwater we no longer swim through the bridge. From the rear of the bridge you can see all of the inside which is beginning to slowly crumble. The side sections of this wreck offer the perfect home to resident marine life, including octopus and cuttlefish.

Towards the back of the crater there is a large archway with multiple entrances as well as a series of swim throughs. Maximum depth on this dive site is 12m as you exit the archway.

Following a storm you can often find bullet casings in the sand from when the ship was used for target practice by the military. The engine of this wreck is still fully intact and connect to the engine transmitter. This is a great place to get photos and there’s so many small places for marine life to hide.


We will meet at our well-equipped diving centre in Paphos Harbour. Our friendly and helpful PADI professionals will help you with equipment and begin with an interesting and informative dive briefing. Unless you have your own diving gear, all equipment is supplied by us. We spend a few minutes checking your sizes and will fit you with the suitable gear. All of our diving equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly to ensure your safety and comfort.

Once everyone is ready we will take a short walk to the Paphos harbour where we will board Cydive II. The journey from the harbour to Vera-K takes around 10 minutes by boat.

After we anchor at the dive site we will desend down onto the reef at 5-6m, once all of the group is ready you will begin the dive. Head into the crater by the bridge and begin to make your way along the reef wall, keeping it on your left shoulder. In one corner of the crater there is a large archway, this is a great place to spot marine life such as groupers, sea breams and nudibranch, it also makes for great photos. 

Once you are back at the anchor line you will make a big figure of 8 over the sections of the wreck, covering the bridge, mid section, engine and winch. 

On the Vera-K we often see colourful wrasse and parrot fish swimming around the sections of the wreck. 

Damsel fish can be seen in large schools floating above the reef in warm patches of water. 

Hidden amongst the rubble we often find tiny nudibranch and curious octopus. 

For more information about the marine life we see in Cyprus, head over to our marine life page! 

Complimentary fresh fruit and refreshments will be served on the boat before returning to the harbour. Back at the dive centre our PADI professionals will debrief you and help you to complete your logbooks.