Wall street is located just 5 minutes away from Paphos Harbour, close to Bream Bay.

This dive site take its name from the American Wall Street, where the reef walls resemble the high rise buildings. With reef walls that continue as far as the eye can see, this site is made up of a long canyon with many overhangs and small caves.

As you descend down to this dive site you will begin this dive on the top of the reef at 17m. From there the first swim though is just 30m away! This swim through has a large arched opening a twist round a corner. There is lots of space and natural light within the cave. Drop down from the reef into the canyon staying close to the reef walls. You will see lots of pinks, purples and orange as you swim past the walls, these are algaes, corals and sponges. The most common algae we have is Peyssonnelia, there are over 60 species in the Mediterranean! Peyssonnelia is easy to identify by the rose or petal like structures often in large groups.

Wall Street is home to many species of Grouper, Wrasse and Sea Bream. You may also find encrusted marine life such as slipper lobster, octopus or moray eel hiding amongst the walls.

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