White River is located just inside the Akamas Peninsula is a small cove which gives access to this very interesting maze of gullies, overhangs and lots of beautiful swim throughs; one of the swim throughs stretches out over 25m, a truly spectacular experience. Listen to the pebbles roll up onto the beach with the waves and experience the beauty of the underwater world.

This spectacular dive begins at the beach, walk into the water as the waves gentle lap against the beach. Follow the cliff wall and admire the marine life which takes residence in the small cracks and holes within the wall. After following the wall you will find yourself surrounded by beautifully curved rocks, these were carved out over time by the boulders which rolled in the river. One of the best features of this dive site is an amazing 30m long swim through, venture into the canyon and find yourself surrounded by pinks, purples and oranges. At only 5m deep, natural light floods this swim through making it the perfect place to take photos. Maximum depth on this dive is around 12m.

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