Akamas National Park and Blue Lagoon Snorkeling Day Trip


Blue Lagoon Snorkeling Day trip, jump in and enjoy crystal clear waters of Akamas National Park where the green mountains slip into the sea. Join our divers on this amazing day trip!

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Akamas National Park and Blue Lagoon Snorkeling Day Trip

Situated on the North Coast of Paphos within the Akamas Peninsula. This is a fantastic day out for those looking for a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Crystal clear waters and the amazing landscape of the green mountains that slip into the sea, make it an excellent place to enjoy diving. This trip offers something for all the family, whether your divers, snorkelers or swimmers.

What to expect:

This day trip begins at our dive centre in Paphos, where you will be allocated all of the equipment you need for the day whether that’s a mask and snorkel or full diving equipment. Once everyone is ready you will be driven to Latchi either on a coach or in the Cydive minibuses. The journey to Latchi take around 45 minutes to an hour and includes spectacular views of the mountain, hillsides and local villages.

Once you arrive in Latchi you will board our custom built Cydive boat, which offers plenty of space for all divers and snorkelers as well as areas of sun and shade.

The first stop of the day is a place called St. George Island or as its known to the locals Kakoskali. This island offers incredible diving and great snorkeling for all ages, there is something for everyone. Kakoskali offers a variety of snorkeling spots, from tucked in next to the island or swimming over the blue. Next to the island you will find areas sheltered from the waves with beautiful calm water. Here you will often find large schools of glass fish and colourful wrasse. During the warmer month you can often find a green turtle swimming amongst the sea grass.

Once everyone is back on the boat we will head to our next location, Blue Lagoon.

The blue lagoon offers incredible crystal-clear waters, and is surrounded by luscious green landscapes.  Grab your mask and snorkel and dive into the water to explore everything the blue lagoon has to offer! During this stop, a selection of local nibbles and refreshments will be provided. Spend just short of two hours swimming or basking in the sun before heading to our next location.

The final stop of the day Fontana Amorosa. Fontana Amorosa meaning ‘the fountain of love’ is speculated to be where Aphrodite and her lovers would spend time. This dive site is located just 5 minutes outside of the Blue Lagoon. The walls of the rock reefs form gullies, within the rock you can see amazing roman amphorae. Amphorae are ancient Roman pottery! Many years ago shipping boats carried pots filled with wine and oil to other islands and in rough seas they often fell overboard. Since the roman era the reef has grown around the pottery and it has now been engulfed into the rock.

For this day trip all snorkelers need to be comfortable in the water and have a basic swimming ability.

Life jackets and swim floats are available.

This day trip begins as 08:00 at Cydive and will return to Cydive around 16:00.

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