Dive following Discover Scuba Diving program


Book one more dive after completing the Discover Scuba Diving session and continue your Underwater Adventure with us.


What’s next after completing the Discover Scuba Diving program? Join us on another dive!

After completing discover scuba you are welcome to join us on an introductory dive. During this dive there wont be any more skills, only a recap of how the equipment works and hand signals.  You can join us on any of our scheduled dives up to a maximum depth of 12m.

We have some amazing locations for you to explore! See fascinating wrecks, discover interesting rock formations and enjoy swimming with the fish!

A great dive following Discover Scuba Diving is the wreck of Vera-K! This wreck lays inside a crater on a sandy bottom. The Vera-K ran a ground and was later blown up but there are still large sections of the wreck fully intact! Discover the engine on the ship laying on the seabed and peer into the bridge. Find out more here!

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Please note there is a minimum requirement of 12-24 hours between diving and flying. Scuba Diving cannot be done on the same day as your flight or travelling to altitude.