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As a Dive Master your income possibilities are quite limited, while the job wi…

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Dive Master Offer
As a Dive Master your income possibilities are quite limited, while the job will be very demanding.

So to help you get a few extra $$, it might be a good Idea to consider taking part to some courses which will enhance your ability to land the job you like.
The EFR/CFC Instructor Course

In fact, in order to be able to teach EFR Courses, you do not need to be a PADI Instructor, it is enough to be a DM.

This will guarantee you an extra income source, and will make you more valuable for your employer. Being an EFR Instructor is also very important for your future career as an Instructor, being one of the prerequisites to become an IDC Staff.

Furthermore, being an EFR Instructor will also allow you to earn a bit of money when you travel around the world, in fact you will be able to teach First Aid courses to all those people that might show an interest or need the certification for their job’s characteristics, not only to Divers!!

The EFR Instructor Course, will teach you how to teach CPR, First Aid, and Care for children Courses, following the guidelines from EFR Corporation, a daughter company of PADI.

These courses have a great market potential, both in and outside the dive industry

Euro 399.00

Time Commitment: 2 days
Assistant Instructor

Once you have become a DM your next step will be the Assistant Instructor, this course will teach you the teaching techniques that will enable you to teach all the theory portion of the PADI Courses.

Just like your instructor has done with you, you will be able to transfer important knowledge to others entering the fascinating world of DIVING. The course will take 3-4 days, and will consist of some lectures, and a practical part where you will be taught how to teach segments of Theory, Confined water and Open water presentations. You will also become familiar with the PADI standards, and procedure, the core of the PADI System of Education.

Once certified as an A.I. you could start to work in a Diving Centre alternating between leading certified Divers and Teaching in a Classroom. Getting the best of both worlds!
Euro 750

Time Commitment: 4 days


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