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This exciting and challanging program will take you to the first level of Dive…

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This exciting and challanging program will take you to the first level of Dive Professionals !
During the Dive Master Program, you will be learning how to function as an Instructional Assistant, a Dive Guide, a training and Equipment Counsellor, and a Role Model to other divers and students alike.

The course is structured in different segments that can and will overlap allowing you to have a variaty of tasks and duties that will prevent boredom and will guarantee the immediate applications of what you will learn during the theory sessions.

Course Overiview
Here is a general overview of the course segments and their structures.

Theory: 9 Chapters that will increase your general Knowledge over Physic, Physiology, Dive Planning, Equipment Environment, and Assissting Certified Divers and Students in Training.

This segment will be a mix of self studing and Instructor led presentations. It is warmely reccommended to go over the materials in your training manuals , so as to optimise your learning experience.

Water Skills: In this segment you will be fine tuning skills you have previously aquired during your diving carreer. General Diving and Rescue Skills will be perfected so as to be brought to Demonstartion Level.

You will also test your watermanship swimming distances and towing tired divers.

Open Water: In this segment you will be applying, under the suprevision of an instructor, the knowledge and skills developed in the previous parts.

You will be assisting Dive Masters during dives with Qualified Divers , and Instructors during courses.

You will be asked to conduct briefing and organize activities, as well as to assist students during their training, all this under the supervision of an instructor that will help you through Briefings, Debriefings and corrections to perfect your abilities.

All throughout your training you will be increasing your experience by adding dives to your log book and meet the required min of 60 dives to be qualified as Dive Master.


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