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A 20 days program where fun and learning blend successfully creating an extremely conducive and stress free environment!

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Become a Master Scuba Diver
Now it’s the time to get the chance to secure that dream job in the Diving Industry that you have been dreaming of !
A 20 days program where fun and learning blend successfully creating an extremely conducive and stress free environment!

Cydives’ Special Includes:
IDC Preparation 1-2 days
Refresh and update your Dive Theory and Skill demonstration abilities and tune up your equipment before starting the IDC.

IDC 9 days
An intense and demanding program that will teach you how to become a very effective and attentive teacher. Learn the PADI System, its requirements, and how to use the tools to help your students achieve their dream of becoming Divers !

IE 2 days
An Incidental step in your way to become an Instructor.
By the end of the IDC your preparation will be so thorough that you will just glide through the Exams

EFRI/CFCI 2 days
You will learn how to help others in distress, take care of minor injuries and life threatening situations. Soon thereafter you will be able teach your skills to others!
The EFRI/CFCI will teach you how to transfer your knowledge about Primary and Secondary Care to others, using the EFR Materials, and according to the EFR Standards.
Also the Care For Children Instructor Program, will allow you to teach how to assist infants and children that have been victims of accidents.

MSDT 4 days (Deep, Eanx, Navigation, Night, Wreck )
Become an Instructor in 5 Best selling programs.

Deep: Teach your students skills important to safely conduct deep dives. Planning,Equipment preparation, special consideration and emergency procedures, will be part of this very interesting Course.
Wreck: One of the most fascinating dive experience is visiting and exploring wrecks.Teach your students how to do it safely, by introducing them to the proper techniques, and planning steps.
Eanx: With Tech diving becoming an important reality in the diving industry, Eanx is the first step to intorduce your students to this new worl!
Night: Linked to the Naturalist and to the Navigation specialty courses, this exciting specialty allow you to show fantastic marine life even in those areas not famous for its abundance.
One of the most enjoyable activities in the dive panorama, the night dive sells well both as a stand alone or in a multitude of different packages.
Navigation: Another of the top selling specialties. Navigation is very popular in those areas where visibility is limited, but also in fantastic clear waters your students are always amazed at how you find always the way back to the boat or to the shore! Well show them how to be as good as you, by being able to enroll them in your Navigation specialty courses!
Positive Approach Sales: ½ day
The award winning NEW approach in selling effectively! This seminar will open up your eyes and mind! No more pushy sales people, no more lies to close a sale, but an honest and informative chat that will help you create the perfect WIN-Win situation


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