Trip Supplement- Zenobia Day Trip


Explore one of the top 10 wrecks in the world with our Zenobia day trip! 2 amazing dives on this wreck is just the start of an incredible adventure.


Zenobia Day Trip Supplement

The wreck of MS Zenobia is a world famous wreck, ranked as one of the 10 best wreck dives in the world. She lies between 16 and 42 metres of water, just 1400 meters from the shores of Larnaca. This 172 metre long Swedish Ro-Ro ferry sank on her maiden voyage in 1980 following computer malfunctions in her ballast system. She lies on her port side with 108 articulated lorries. Some are on the lorry deck, and some in the cargo hold.

Include this amazing day trip in your dive package!

The Zenobia supplement covers all the additional costs of the day trip compared to a local dive.

It includes; Transfer to and from Larnaca, charter boat fees and a BBQ lunch on board the charter boat.

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