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2 tank – Wreck of White Star & Achilleas

Wreck of White Star The White Star previously known as Ivana Ivanova was part of the Russian commercial fishing fleet in the Black Sea. She sank on February 18th 2007 during her transportation to Limassol when her temporary repairs slowly came undone. At the time of sinking you were able to enter the wreck to […]

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Shore dive to Church Bay

Church Bay With an easy entry from the shore to a large sandy bottom this is a fantastic and varied dive site, full of beautiful formations such as swim throughs, canyons, gullies, over hangs and a large cavern to explore on the far side of the bay! Plenty of marine life including Damsel fish, all […]

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Shore Dive to Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre The fascinating feature of this dive is what appears to be an Amphitheatre at 9m.  This feature is actually a geological feature created by changing tides. Watch the waves crash above you offering a fantastic light show.  Following the show, swim along within the canyon and explore the various overhangs this site has to […]

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Guided snorkelling – Boat

Guided snorkelling – Boat Immerse yourself in crystal-clear Mediterranean waters as you explore the remains of an ancient Roman wall beneath the surface. Led by experienced guides, this snorkeling experience offers a unique opportunity to witness history and marine life converge in a stunning fusion. Marvel at the centuries-old wall and Roman Amphorae while observing […]

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