Orphurus is a great dive site for all level of divers, and is located just 15 minutes from Paphos Harbour. Similarly to The shoals this dives site is an adventure around the rest of the reef that keeps the Demetrious II stranded.

Begin this dive in a meadow of Poseidon’s Grass where you will find Painted Comber hiding amongst the grass. From there you will head to one of the beast features of this dive site, a large bowl! Maximum depth within the bowl is only 8m, making it the perfect place for photos! Natural light floods the bowl crating beautiful rainbow ripples across the rock and seabed. You will find overhangs around all the edges of the bowl with plenty of encrusting marine life hiding in any cracks or crevices.

The reef at Orphurus is made up of layers of Limestone rock. This means the reef is still beautifully white rather than coloured in green algae. Over time the rocks have been smoothed down by waves creating wonderful patterns and curves. It is very common to find a range of sea urchins basking in the sun on the rock ridges. There are over 950 species of sea urchin world wide and then have been found as deep as 5000m!

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