Terms & Conditions



    1. The Centre reserves the right to change dive sites without notice, due to weather, safety, or suitability on the day.
    2. Once the vessel has left port the dive will be considered to be taking place unless the skipper considers diving to be unsafe. Any missed dive once on board will not be refunded.
    3. All divers must be medically fit to dive and if in doubt, have a yes on their medical form must obtain a GP approval. It is important, to be honest on your medical declaration.
    4. All divers are highly recommended to obtain their personal diving insurance to cover any hyperbaric treatment if required, our insurance is third-party liability insurance and doesn’t cover individual diver treatments and accident cover.
    5. All divers must have dived within 12 months to book a boat/shore dive or day trip. If they have not dived within 12 months a refresher will be needed prior to booking. In the case that any diver has not dived in 12 months and is booked for any dive or day trip, Cydive has the right to decline the booking and request a refresher is completed.
    6. It is the diver’s responsibility to make sure they arrive on time to the dive centre. If a customer is late for the activity, then the activity will continue excluding them and no refund will be offered.
    7. Course and activity fees cannot be refunded if the program is not completed due to the decision of the participant.


    1. Prior to starting any PADI course, each candidate is required to complete a medical declaration. Any ‘yes’ answers on that form require a doctor’s signed clearance before being permitted to enter the water. Anyone discovered to have falsely declared will be removed from the courses and no refund will be given. The forms are found online, sent in the booking confirmation, and found on your eLearning, anyone showing up without a GP written approval where applicable will not be refunded.
    2. Full payment is required to secure your booking. For cancellations, made more than 24 hours in advance of the starting time there will be a cancellation fee of 30%, plus eLearning fees where applicable .   Any cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance and no-shows will incur the full charge.
    3. Any non-attendance of scheduled sessions will be charged at the current missed session rate and may result in a delay in finishing the course.
    4. If Customers fail to meet the performance requirements on any dive or knowledge development session, at the sole discretion of the instructor, the Company reserves the right to charge for repeating that dive or session, the rate for this will be based on the current missed session rate at that time and depend on the nature of the dive or session missed.
    5. The dive site location may be subject to change due to weather conditions, the number of participants or experience level of the divers, divers will be notified in advance.
    6. Any other refunds for courses will be made solely at the discretion of the Company.
    7. Students/ clients must meet performance requirements in order to be certified for courses. Failure to meet them and gain certification will not give the right to a refund.


    1. For all recreational courses, we will provide all equipment.
    2. Where hire kit is loaned or provided, as part of a course the Customer is responsible for the care and ownership of the equipment and is solely responsible for any damages or losses.
    3. For hire of kit a valid Advanced Open Water diving license is required along with a minimum of 50 dives and a suitable deposit. The customer is responsible for their liability and the liability of the rented kit. Any damages or loss will be charged.


    1. Scope of Work: Our scuba diving equipment servicing includes the cleaning, inspection, repair, and testing of scuba diving equipment as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
    2. Liability: We are not liable for any damages, injuries, or losses caused by the use of scuba diving equipment serviced by us. The client assumes all responsibility for their equipment and its use.
    3. Payment: Payment is required upon completion of the servicing of the scuba diving equipment. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, or electronic payment methods.
    4. Warranty: We provide a limited warranty on our scuba diving equipment servicing for a period of 30 days from the date of service. This warranty covers only the work performed by us and not any additional issues that may arise due to equipment failure.
    5. Consent: By submitting scuba diving equipment to us for servicing, the client consents to our terms and conditions and acknowledges that they have read and understood them.
    6. Inspection: We reserve the right to refuse to service any scuba diving equipment that we deem unsafe, damaged beyond repair, or not in compliance with manufacturer guidelines. Upon investigation, any item requiring additional work will be discussed and agreed upon first.
    7. Cylinders (Visual and Hydro inspection): Failed cylinders will not be given back to the customer and will be disposed of safely by the service technician. Failed cylinders will be charged at a rate of 25euro as they still take service technicians’ time to check. All information which resulted in a failed cylinder will be document and recorded.
    8. Risks: The servicing of scuba diving equipment involves inherent risks that may result in injury or damage to the equipment. The client assumes all such risks.
    9. Turnaround Time: We aim to complete the servicing of scuba diving equipment as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time.
    10. Communication: We will keep the client informed of any issues or delays encountered during the servicing of their scuba diving equipment.
    11. Collection: Any gear, regulators, BCDs tanks, computers, etc. left over the time of arranged collection will incur a charge per day for storage. Any item left over three months beyond the agreed collection date will be disposed of by the Company, to cover costs of repair, with no compensation payable to the original owner.
    12. Confidentiality: We will keep all information and details about the client’s scuba diving equipment confidential and will not share it with any third parties without their prior consent.
    13. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from scuba diving equipment servicing will be resolved through mediation or arbitration.
    14. Governing Law: These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the servicing is performed.


    1. As with all adventure sports, there is an element of risk. The PADI educational system, as used by Meditteraneo Resort Cy Ltd/Cydive, is designed to educate SCUBA divers to dive safely, stay well within experience and limits, and take personal responsibility for behavior and actions. Our team will ensure your experience with us is fun and safe.
    2. All divers must take personal responsibility for ensuring they are fit to dive and follow PADI’s guidelines on managing pressure, air, no decompression limits, the buddy system, and overall safe diving. All divers are to follow instructions from team members, both in and out of the water.


    1. Trips must be paid in advance in full.
    2. If you wish to cancel up to 24 hours in advance you will incur a 30% charge Less than 24 hours notice, no shows or late clients will occur the full charge. Rescheduling of activities more than 48 hours in advance of the activity start time is fee of charge. Within 48 hours there will be a rescheduling fee at 10% total activity cost.
    3. Refunds or other options will be offered if we have to cancel your trip.
    4. To eliminate risks we have conducted a full risk assessment for our operations that are available to view on request and in full view in the store.
    5. You must be physically fit enough to board our boat from the water.
    6. You must be able to sit unaided in an upright position, have full control of your head and upper body, and be able to grip any rails or handholds securely; you must also be able to brace yourself with your legs and feet.
    7. If you have a disability that requires physical assistance, you must be accompanied by at least one helper who is aged 18 or over, who must be able to provide you with any requisite assistance in the event of an emergency or evacuation procedure.
    8. You must be in good general health and confident that the activity is within your abilities.
    9. You must make us aware, in writing, during the booking process, or anytime before the start of your trip, of any injuries, illnesses, and/or medical conditions that are likely to affect your health and/or safety during the trip.
    10. We cannot take you onboard if you are heavily pregnant or have any illness or injury that doesn’t allow the activity to be safely executed.


    1. You must immediately declare to a skipper or instructor any incident or injury that arises whilst onboard our vessels or during any of our activities. Failure to immediately declare an incident or injury to a skipper negates any liability in respect of future claims against us as these can not be substantiated.
    2. We will complete an incident form and keep this on file for any incidents/injuries that occur during our activities.


    1. The decision to undertake our trips and the consequences of doing so are entirely at your own risk.
    2. We do not accept any liability for personal injury or injury to others, and/or loss or damage (except through gross negligence).


    1. Purchases of items from the store can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase as long as it has been unopened, not used, or damaged.
    2. Orders must be paid for fully in advance
    3. Any damaged goods purchased from us within warranty will be replaced at the discretion of management
    4. Any goods purchased online or elsewhere that are bought to us for repairs or queries will be charged including postage price if that item is to be returned.
    5. Gift vouchers are valid for a maximum of 12 months unless otherwise stated.
      1. The voucher will be deemed to be invalid if it is out of date.
      2. Vouchers may only be redeemed against the goods or services stated and cannot be exchanged for cash.


    1. If under 18 you must ensure that a parent or guardian has co-signed the legal forms.
    2. Any parent or guardian leaving a minor in the care of Mediterraneo Resort Cy Ltd/Cydive staff must complete a ‘Parental consent form’.


    1. All clients agree to abide by the Centre’s Diving Practices and plan and read risk assessments at all times, a copy of which is available on request,
    2. The Company, its employees, or contractors cannot be held responsible for damage to or loss of any personal equipment caused prior to, during, or after any diving activities taking place at the dive location, on the boat, shop, or associated areas.
    3. Other activities not separately listed will occur the same cancellation fees, up to 24 hours in advance you will incur a 30% charge Less than 24 hours notice, no shows or late clients will occur the full charge. 
    4. For all activities the participant must be physically and mentally fit to partake, The staff are not trained to give medical advice, and if in doubt you must seek GP approval.