Manijin Island This Saturday!


A very popular dive site, this island is actually just a rock small enough to dive around on a multilevel dive. There are many features en-route; a drop off, caves, large archways, and a blowhole.

One cave is spectacularly covered in pink and purple calciferous algae. Depths ranging from 6-22 metres.

This dive will be taking place on Saturday 4th July, meeting at Cydive at 9.30am to prepare equipment, and then making our way down to St. George Harbour for 11.30am.

Following the dive we will provide nibbles and refreshments before returning to St. George Harbour.

Expected return time 2.30-3.00pm.

The cost of this half day trip will be 55 euros or Club Rate for all of our Kalypso Dive Club members.

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