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PADI Eco centre award!

The First PADI Eco Centre in Cyprus! Excitement is bubbling beneath the surface as we proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement – Cydive is the first PADI Eco Centre in Cyprus! This prestigious recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, marine conservation, and delivering unparalleled diving experiences. At Cydive, we’ve always believed […]

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Want to scuba dive for the first time but not sure where to start?

Do you want to start scuba diving but your not sure whether to start? This article explain the difference between the 3 most popular options for beginners.  Scuba diving is an incredible experience that allows you to explore the underwater world and encounter various marine species up close. But before embarking on a scuba diving […]

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Cydive team on tour!

Cydive Team on tour! Red Sea, Egypt As the summer season drew to a close we went in search of sunnier skies and warmer water! During the past two years the Cydive team has been much smaller than in previous years but has been just as busy, so we took the opportunity to visit another […]

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Ghost net clean up – Big Steps!

Ghost net clean up – Big Steps! On Thursday 20th May, we were invited to join the Pafos Coastal Fisheries Association, ΑΚΤΗ / AKTI Project and Research Centre and Isotech Ltd in a seabed clean up in support of the EU Maritime day. Abandoned fishing net cause a huge problem for marine life. These nets […]

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Lion fish project!

On Saturday 19th December at Jubilee Shoals, our divers were fortunate enough to be part of a lion fish project. Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center welcomed us to help in their efforts reduce and control the rapidly increasing number of lion fish within the waters around Cyprus. Lion fish are the only species targeted in […]

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Discover EDRO III- New Dive Site!

Discover EDRO III Discover EDRO III with us this summer! The EDRO III was a cargo ship built in 1966 in Norway, which ran aground off Pegeia on 8 December 2011 in heavy seas. At the time of the collision there were 9 crew onboard, who were rescued and airlifted to the safety of Paphos […]

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Manijin Island This Saturday!

MANIJIN ISLAND A very popular dive site, this island is actually just a rock small enough to dive around on a multilevel dive. There are many features en-route; a drop off, caves, large archways, and a blowhole. One cave is spectacularly covered in pink and purple calciferous algae. Depths ranging from 6-22 metres. This dive […]

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